Sound Engineer, sound mixer, on location, Alaska, film crew

Paul Lawrence is a graduate of Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, class of December 1984, with a major in film and video production.

Paul is a purist when it comes to working with audio, photography and aviation. Working with good tools makes the most sense; do it right the first time.

Sound engineering and lighting have a great many things in common. I believe it should be crisp, clean, uncluttered and with distinct separation of microphone as well as light sources. One light - one shadow; multiple lights - way too many shadows to fight!

The art of good sound is microphone placement.

Recording surround sound 5.1 or 7.1 on location makes a great tool for the final sound mix. Have experience recording surround sound for Dolby ATMOS theatrical and Dolby ATMOS home. Dolby ATMOS in 5.1.4 or 9.1.6 is giving the viewer a new full immersive experience enhancing the visual enjoyment of any feature film, documentary or TV show!

When your next film or video production calls for a good sound track, give Paul Lawrence a call at +1 907 677 6055.